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GIÁM SÁT/ PHÓ PHÒNG KINH DOANH ĐIỆN MÁY (Lương thưởng hấp dẫn, không giới hạn), dễ đạt số cao

Gửi lúc:03/10/2016

TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED JAPAN AND COMPONENTS EQUIPMENT Established in 2004, the company specializes in trading all kinds of welding, metal cutting machine high-tech, machine tools, industrial machinery, high pressure cleaner machines, machine hand tools; Making the project provides vocational training facilities, and other equipment for offices, factories, mills, ....

For companies increasingly develop and grow further, we are looking to recruit candidates for full convergence of three factors  TAM - TRI - FORCE , passion and love of business, capable leadership, management Management team. 

- Location: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City


- Read and Review product information, company, market, competitors to give way Marketing, a sales star for achieving high sales;

- Recruit and manage sales team to follow the provisions and achieve the highest sales targets;

- Directly go to the market by means of individual and Company;

- Responsible for the Company on sales targets and collect money on;

- Report daily work, week, month, quarter or year to the Board of Directors.


- Income Unlimited

- Basic salary 10-15 tr +% sales + bonus;

- Tourism, Leisure annual domestic and foreign;

- To enjoy the full benefits according to the provisions of law (social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance), annual leave with full pay and bonus holidays, birthday, blowing your tastes, ....

- Other benefits for themselves and their dependents in the family.


- Appearance good looking, bright and confident;

- Passion for the business and the desire to get rich plausible;

- Agility, hard, not afraid of hard work to achieve the highest efficiency;

- Knowledge and experience to do the ministry chief deputy or the equivalent of 2 years or more;

- Capable of operating, management has the ability to communicate and persuade;

- Willing to work far.


Interested candidates please submit before CV describing the learning process and experience working on e-mail: hcnsfumak@gmail.com or contact for hiring a room for counseling.

- Note: The title documents in which: "Location applications and ten_Noi tuyen_ They work"

The interview prepared a dossier included (accepts Profile photo, matriculation will be added later): CV, CV, Job application, identity card, household register, birth certificate , health certificate and a certificate of conduct).

Deadline: 12/30/2016


HR department Technology Co., Ltd. and equipment Nhat Linh

Address: Headquarters: 350 Giai Phong, Giap Bat Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Hanoi

               HCM CN: No. 302/1/16 Le Dinh Can Street - Binh Tan District - TP. HCM

Email: hcnsfumak@gmail.com

Hotline : 04.36686923 / Ms Thuy - 0981623103

Website:  Fumak.vn

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